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Cath Macauley
About Myself


      Cath Macauley   Cath Macauley   Cath Macauley, Brisbane Sculptor   Cath Macauley, Melbourne   Cath Macauley        

Queensland College of Art - Seven Hills - Griffith University
Associate Diploma of Ceramics
, South Brisbane
Bachelor of Visual Art, Majoring in Ceramics, Kelvin Grove QUT, Brisbane


        Catherine is such a pompous name
        for a girl without one ounce of grace
        but such a pretty face
        And with this name that's born to fame
        a temperament that's all a frazzle
        combined with legs to dazzle

        She plays all day and calls it work
        with pots and figures bought to life
        from her imaginary world of strife

        Such joy they give to those who view
        most fitting for the garden din or window pain
        that mud made porcelain

        While ear bashing with tales of woe
        she somehow turns the discord of her heart
        into well appreciated art

        Now she and all her family with nothing else to do
        and life a bore if some one didn't take the bate
        just adore to irritate

        And this is just her sisters reply to poetry
        that relieves the soul untold without a gin
        about a girl called Catherine

                            Janet (my sister)
                            about 25 years ago

To my defense I did not know what chronic fatigue was at the time and for someone who played a lot of sport my inability to do what I had became tales of woe.  However, it was more that we just wrote stuff.   To Janet I wrote "My sister is a funny girl with hair that wouldn't want to curl" and "Handy on the kitchen shelf sits kettle, coffee, cups and self"  

Cath Macauley
Artist Narrative

"Pottery , Poetry and Prose ... a personal perspective.

I wrote this statement while I was studying art at college and still like to use it as a personal statement!  But that's nice in it's simplicity.  I don't think people are much interested in poetry now; we may get something loosely connected in way of advertising ... and pottery?  Well we say ceramics now.

But really something innate tells me that few real cultures seem to exist or are fast becoming extinct.  We are left buried in sameness.  And much lingers in a form of patented fantasy induced history, a story not necessarily introspectively told, and ironically our commerciality is trying to recreate a state of grace.  A metaphoric and gigantic culture is manifesting before us and our identity is being merged in the false safety and unreal world of cyber.  Our children are developing not knowing what things really look like and not experiencing anything that is real.  Our kinder upbringing is a little frightening!  Typically we are not connecting with nature and we are tipping toward a synthetic world and attaching ourselves to symbols that are more and more removed from what is real  ... Oops!"

About the Artist

Catherine was born in Bundaberg, Australia, however grew up in the various Queensland towns of Baffle Creek,  Mt Sylvia and Peachester.   Here she learnt to sew on the old Singer Treadle sewing machine, began to do spinning and weaving, and started to play with clay and the firing process.  Always acquainted with the Arts and Crafts, as a teenager Catherine was invited to be a part of the a "Young Artists of the Commonwealth" Exhibition that toured London, Edinburgh and Zimbabwe.  Soon after completing high school Catherine did one year at Seven Hills college of art  and then went on to study an Associate DiIploma of Ceramics at South Brisbane TAFE and a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Kelvin Grove, Brisbane.  Having a partner and a young family made it difficult to concentrate on large projects and exhibitions.  So working on smaller pieces, that started as ornaments, Catherine soon developed her pieces into a range of jewellery.  In 2007 and 2010, she won an award for "Best Jewellery" and 2011 for "High Achievement" in respect to her sculpture at the Shorncliffe Potters "Expressions" Exhibition.   Catherine also won first prize for sculpture at the Bribie Island Matthew Flinders Art Exhibition and in 2014 at the Nundah Annual Art Show.

Poetry & Prose

My first poem 

    The Piggery

    Pupils of Mc Dowell School
    Went to Finchs' siggery
    No, No! I mean a piggery.
    You muddle seas up,
    I muddle peas up ,
    With every other letter.
    Someday I wish you would get better!
    Anyway, it happened
    That a little pig had just been born.
    It did a jig.
    It did not!
    It did so!
    Do not interrupt!
    The children left at last.

                Catherine (age 10)

"Yes, this was my award winning poem!.  Our small little country school did an exchange program in the 70's with a new suburban development in the city.  The concern was that the city children did not understand; peas from a pea pod picked in the garden, milk from cows, bacon ... and more, if you do not understand the origin of something, you cannot comprehend the symbolism. We were all asked to write a poem about our experience and looking back I summed everything up with dyslexia, hyperactivity, exaggeration and a school teachers favourite phrase "do not interrupt!".

    Someday They'll Fall

    Have you ever heard the poetry,
    That comes up, from inside of me?
    It just flows, onto the page,
    Like I'm some sort of sage.

    Have you ever seen my pictures,
    And all of my old scriptures?
    They just hang, upon my wall,
    And I wonder, if they'll fall.

                        Lucas Reason (age 16)

Over the past four years the Ceramic Heart Necklaces have essentially stayed the same shape , however the decoration has become more sophisticated and the colour range has expanded.  The necklace cord itself has also changed and a larger, stronger jump ring is used to attach the necklace cord to the heart.  Occasionally the necklaces come with different cords that Catherine sometimes  makes myself, however some buyers choose to use a necklace cord that they are fond of, or that more suits their personality.

Ceramic Heart Necklaces by Cath Macauley


 ... "My drawings became sculpture and my poetry became my explanation, in an embellished fashion.  It was the loss of my youngest brother Lucas that caused me to ask aloud for a "Symbol of Love?" and the next morning a likely blessing came with the shape of a plump, Fuchsia Pink Heart, dripped down from the candle lit the night before".
And for clarity, no this does not mean that if I ask aloud for a car does it mean that I invented the car.  So no, I did not invent the symbol of love.  Also you cannot copyright a poem title so, if you write a poem and call it "The Heart" A symbol of love  you are quite entitled to.    


Exhibition 2014

"Pier" Art Exhibition, Naracoopa B&B, Shorncliffe 

The popularity of the Shorncliffe area owes much to a habitat not yet destroyed
 and has become a large part of our recreational past, and the "Pier" being a part of those memories


             Fishing Fabes
                lost his pet fish
                When patted from
                outside it's dish.

                What Fabes had not yet understood
                as far as nature goes,
                Is that everything that lives and breaths,
                has a place in which God chose.

                The fish they need the water
                and crabs a little sand,
                Birds the fly up through the sky,
               and cows prefer the land.

                Frogs they like damp places
                Seagulls they like the beach,
                Worms they love the dirt,
                And snakes, well, stay out of reach.

                Caterpillars munch on leaves,
                And butterflies flutter round,
                Possums like to stay in trees,
                and bandicoots burrow the ground.

                So when you see Gods creation,
                Fabes, take some time to think,
                Where these creatures love to live, 
                and then give them a wink!


Special Awards & Exhibitions

- 2017 Bribie Community Arts Centre 
  1st Prize Sculpture

- 2017 Nundah Art Show
1st Prize for Sculpture & Runner Up Prize

- 2017 Foot Square Exhibition 
Aspire Gallery, 53 Kennedy Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane

 - 2016  1st Place 3Dd Blue Water Festival 
St Patricks, Shorncliffe 

-  2014  1st Prize Nundah Art Show 
Award for Best Sculpture

-  2014  2nd Place 3D Blue Water Festival
St Patricks, Shorncliffe

-  2012 1st Place for Sculpture, Matthew Flinders Art Competition
Bribie Island Community Art Gallery

-  2011 Highly Recommended Expressions Art Exhibition   

-  2010 1st Place Expressions Art Exhibition
Shorncliffe Potters Annual Art Exhibition
Award for Best Jewellery

-  2010 Highly Recommended Expressions Art Exhibition
Shorncliffe Potters Annual Art Exhibition 

-  2009 1st Place Expressions Art Exhibition
Shornliffe Potters Annual Art Exhibition

Shorncliffe Potters Annual Art Exhibition at the Sandgate
-  2007 1st Place Expressions Art Exhibition

Shorncliffe Potters Annual Art Exhibition at the Sandgate Town Hall
Award for Best Jewellery
-  Young Artists of the Commonwealth Exhibition (1980)
Commonwealth Institute London
Work Displayed in London, Edinburgh & Zimbabwe



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