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Cath Macauley

        Catherine Reason Macauley
 Ceramic Artist
What's Happening for 2016

"Perception - Looking & Seeing are Two Different Things"
a participatory exhibition at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery 20th June - 1st August


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I have named my work "Libretto - A Play on Words".  Libretto meaning, "Text of a dramatic musical work of and opera or operetta, including lyrics to be sung or spoken".  Ok, so there is no music to speak of , and there is no speaking, but that is part of the "Perception".  All is in fact, sculptural and structural, introducing four scores or scenes, "Texting", "A Play on Words", "The Lady of the Coracle" and "The Scribes"   

Apple Mac by Catherine Reason Macauley

& more recently

"Maiden Voyage" by Catherine Reason Macauley

"Maiden Voyage" 

Blue Water Festival
1st Prize 3D for "Song of the Seaside"

"White Heart" by Catherine Reason Macauley         "Queen of Spains Daughter" by Catherine Reason Macauley         "Oceanic Express" by Catherine Reason Macauley

Now selling at BAREBONES
44 Byron Street

    The Lady of the Coracle by Catherine Reason Macauley

The Lady & the Coracle
Coracle being a small boat of wickerwork covered with pitched canvas, used by ancient Britons & still by the Welsh & Irish fisher people

T'was the journey she would chronicle, her searching for the Oracle
There she would voyage through the passage of time, looking for reason and versing in rhyme
Seeking the future told somewhere out there, and starting her journey without little care
At first she did travel in a straight line, and only the concept of that which is "mine"
Steering her vessel in the vain hope, with all going well she should stay afloat
Sometimes she floats and sometimes she steers, the doorway of choices opens up fears
To sail the firmament what did she learn?  Thinking what's real was really not firm
Perhaps an illusion lost in the mist, but what one could find was really the twist
Inner chi, energy, what's with the word, all in the phonics, t'is really what's heard
So here did she wander got caught in the net, the very first time, she knew water was wet
She saw that the weather was run by machine, and really in nature the best way to clean
Her Celtic, her Danish, was what gave her her looks, but life understanding was not found in books
And for all of her travels and the distance she made, she noticed the spiral, the colour, the shade
No longer paddling, she lets her craft drift, and finds that in fact the voyage takes a shift
She finds herself now, quite by surprise, seeing quite clearly the question arise
That looking through the conacle, t'was she in fact her Oracle?

... The Lady of the the Coracle           Catherine

& October

Upcoming exhibition at the Graydon Gallery, Newfarm & The Botanique Bazaar at the Randall Gallery, Mt Coot-tha organised by Bettina Palmer

So what's new?


"Ceramic Sculptor, Jeweler & Mixed Media Artist.  My love of fairy tales, myths, legends, & the great illustrious art that accompanied their narration has so been a background inspiration.  And the human figure.  That ever changing parade of costumes a& designs ... fabrics, textures & colours ... the emerald greens, cadmium reds amber & Persian blues
So Yes, each little participatory exhibition, presents itself by way of little anecdotes, quirks, and peculiarities fashioned in clay & mixed media, as to some of who I am!!"    Catherine

& I have been writing ...

Prilncess & The Pea by Catherine Reason Macauley  The Princess & The Pea

Once upon a time line there was a most handsome Prince, who wanted to meet a real Princess.  But, how to find a real Princess?  He searched the social hot spots, he searched the internet, he browsed facebook, and found, no one matched his search.
Then, one hot summer evening the weather machine had been programmed and a huge thunderstorm broke the sky.  All the city was disconnected from all that was used to control it.  There was flooding, and there was chaos.  And then, someone knocked at the gates.  The elderly King went to open them.
Before the gate stood a Princess (or so she said), who had been out for a walk to
contemplate all that was and is.  So lost in thought, she was not aware of those familiar but strange clouds.  And so here she was, soaked to the core.  But was she a real Princess?
Though the Queen did a quick Google search, it was hard to know for sure.  With fake profiles and all. 
To find out soon enough, the Queen went to the bedroom and remade the bed.  The Princess would have to stay for the night as the web had crashed and there was major flooding.  One single pea she placed at the centre of the bed base.  Then carefully she placed twenty organic bamboo mattresses layered over the pea.  This was a homegrown pea of course; not one from the plastics of the freezer bags so favourable for the day.  And this was the bed the Princess fell asleep on.
The next day she was asked how she slept.
"Not well at all!!" she sighed.  Forgive me for saying "There was a huge lump in the centre of the bed and "I tossed and turned all night!!"
So it was clear that this must be a real Princess.  Who could feel the pea under the twenty layers of mattresses.  And other would not have noticed.
The Prince and Princess became good friends and went out into the real world to choose a more natural existence.
And would you agree that this is a real fairy tale!!

& I have also been making dolls

"Aschenputtel Dolls" by Catherine Reason Macauley     "Aschenputtel Dolls" by Catherine Reason Macauley     "Aschenputtel Dolls" by Catherine Reason Macauley

Aschenputtel Dolls
Once upon a timeline ... each doll lovingly transformed into a fairy tale princess from the ashes

"Mother Goose" by Cath Macauley  "Mother Goose" by Catherine Reason Macauley  "Empathy" by Catherine Reason Macauley

Heart Gift Tags

Past Display

"Strawberry Delicious" by Catherine Reason Macauley   
"Strawberry Delicious" outside Satori Organics, Sandgate, Brisbane


I wake up in the morning
My sister makes me coffee
There's always sugar at the bottom
Because she doesn't stir it
But I don't really care
Because I can't make it
It's that percolated stuff
We don't buy instant coffee
Because we're too good for that
But I don't really care
Because I don't have money
To buy myself instant coffee  
So I know coffee at its best
When there's sugar at the bottom

Lucas  Reason age 16
(my youngest brother)
Past Exhibition  
Lemon Ade by Catherine Reason Macauley  Catherine Reason Macauley  Plum Jam by Catherine Reason Macauley
"Lemonade" & "Plum Jam" Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough, Queensland

Past Exhibition

Naracoopa B&B Shorncliffe

The Shorncliffe Pier"

...  and how the old will disappear

So here we have
Ontology, toppled by Biology
Where should we have a wood termite, that taunts and tests the human plight
To have a fishing spot to cast, a line that goes a small time past
A spot to grace a moonlight walk, or simply such a place to talk
Look out toward the far sea lining, where all the time the sun's been rising
We paint and contemplate the pose, from which this construction since arose
To have to "Demoloot" the Pier, to which the locals do hold dear
Bit by bit the wood got eaten, such a cause to hold a meeting

To the Shorncliffe Pier ... to past, and present, and a future time
... they laugh those Termite "Maritime"

   Dorian Mode by Catherine Reason Macauley

The Contessa of Cabbage Tree Creek

So first she did float down the passage of Ningi
In her inflatable Aldi dingi.
Singing bits of downloaded songs,
In long cotton shirt and rubber thongs.
Having i phone plugged to her studded ears,
She lay down to drift and shatter her fears.
So Loud were all the ramped up phonics,
And hence ignoring Natures Sonics.
And thinking then of her next drift,
She GPS'd for her next lift.
As such she thought of the Cabbage Tree Creek,
There she would launch the very next week.
So for this venture she did debit a tinny,
And there adorned in bikini and mini.
Letting down her sun bleached hair,
The sight of Chem Trails filled the air.
Through mystical mangroves that managed to last,
And rubbish thrown from the not distant past.
Down and down she did float,
No longer attached to the tv remote.
But as her thoughts did pass the day,
A speed boat managed to come her way.
The collision was, I'm told a blur,
And who should know what did occur.
And told her life was rather sweet,
From a single verse, they did tweet,
Tis "The Contessa of Cabbage Tree Creek"



Wall Plaques & Necklaces

    Three of a Kind by Cath Macauley    Catherine Reason Macauley Business Card    "Rouge" by Catherine Reason Macauley    

I knew a girl
Who was so sexy, She sat at home, And she knitted love.
Out of the thin air,
The love was knitted, Cos she so sexy, Such a sexy girl.
And people flocked,
From near and far, To see the girl, Knit all the love.
I used to know her,
When she was younger, She was sexy, Even then.
But the people,
Didn't understand, That she's a talking, Kinda girl as well.
Personality is a factor,
In all people, But the people, Didn't understand.
But she couldn't stop
So she kept on, Knitting the love, Out of thin air.
And sometimes,
She gave the love, To the people, Who stood around her.
But nothing ,
Last forever, And after a while, The love disappeared.
So the people,
 Demanded more, And so the people, Demanded more.
And considering,
That the girl was nice, She gave out, Some more love
But nothing,
 Lasts forever, And after a while, The love disappeared.
Now the people,
 Began to hate her, Cos she so sexy, And she knits love.
So they made plans
For the girl, Who knits love, And is so sexy.
So they locked her,
 In a room, With lots of air, To knit her love.
But after a while,
She realized, That love, Just didn't come from air.
But that it also,
Came from inside her, So she couldn't, Knit love anymore,
And nothing,
Last forever, And after a while, The love disappeared.
So the people,
Began to hate her, Because she wouldn't Knit them some love.
So they killed her, But then they realized, That without her, They had no love.

Lucas Reason aged 16
 (my youngest brother)  

Lavender by Cath Macauley    

The Fruit
Symbol of Abundance

Walk ye in the garden,
and show me what has seeded,
And know that what is done in love,
is all that's ever needed.

"Three Ladies" by Catherine Reason Macauley - Lady Pearetta    Pomegranate Tessa by Catherine Reason Macauley    "Oranges & Lemons" by Catherine Reason Macauley

Wall Plaques 11x11cm

        Coastal Contessa Mermaid by Cath Macauley       Contessa Heart  by Cath Macauley       Rose Contessa by Cath Macauley 

Large Amity Hearts by Cath Macauley        Amity Heart Necklaces by Cath Macauley         

Amity Dishes by Catherine Reason Macauley  Amity Dishes 3x3cm

  Heart Necklaces  

    Cath Macauley "Wearable Art" Australian Ceramic Artist

The Heart 

Symbol of Love

Remember now
of your true worth,
As you wear this heart
from the beautiful e


   Porcelain Blue Prints

Porcelain Blue Print by Cath Macauley               Porcelain Blue Prints by Catherine Reason Macauley         The Cloud Maker by Cath Macauley

Porcelain Copper Cast

Porcelain Copper Cast by Cath Macauley

The Green Language

 Earthenware Ceramic Hearts

                             Australian Earthenware Ceramic Hearts by Cath Macauley              Heart Necklaces by Cath Macauley

                                       "Lingua Franca" Heart Necklaces

"Transit of Venus" by Australian Ceramic Artist Cath Macauley

"Ellipsis" Heart Necklaces

Pendants, "Made in her image" by Catherine Reason Macauley

"Made in her image"

Ceramic Hearts of Hope Necklaces by Cath Macauley   Ceramic Heart Necklaces by Cath Macauley finished with touches of gold leafing   "The Vessel" by Cath Macauley
Baroque Hearts              Lingua Franca" Hearts   
            The Vessel


Australian Hearts - Ancient Lands 8.5cm x 7.5cm

Interestingly, like many other cultures, Indigenous Australians do not have a specific symbol for the heart, nor a specific meaning.  Even the symbol and meaning for the heart in our western culture is a very modern interpretation in terms of ancient history.

Christmas Hearts and Sacred Hearts

Barbara G. Walker's books are a great read in regard to the heart as a symbol of the soul and the divine feminine.

Ignatius of the Catholic Church reintroduced the sacred heart from the Babylonian Culture. 
In respect to the heart and cupid, see Hislop "The Two Babylons".

Royal Ceramic Hearts by Catherine MacauleyHearts Ceramic Handcrafted Cath MacauleyCath Macauley Australian Ceramic Artist
Ceramic Heart Necklace Original Design by Cath Macauley

Medieval Ceramic Heart Necklaces Handcrafted by Award Winning Australian Ceramic Artist Cath MacauleyBeautiful Ceramic Heart Necklaces handcrafted by Catherine MacauleyMedieval Ceramic Heart Necklaces Created by Australian Artisan Catherine Macauley

Lady Beetle Ceramic Necklace by Cath Macauley Award Winning Australian Ceramic ArtistPersian Blue Raku Glazed Ceramic Heart Necklace by Catherine Macauley

Blessing Beads: 
Blessing Beads made in clay by Cath MacauleyBlessing Beads by Cath MacauleyBlessing Bead by Cath Macauley Australian Ceramic Artist based in Brisbane

A Blessing
To Bless or be Blessed. 
Handcrafted, individual, Blessing Beads.  To be worn as a necklace or held during prayer and meditation.   Original designs with individual faces; each holds its own character and sense of wonder.   Each Blessing Bead is individually boxed and ready to send anywhere in Australia or overseas.  

Wall Plaques (2 piece):  2007 to 2012
          Ceramic Goddess Wall Plaque by Catherine Macauley   Dorean by Catherine Reason Macauley   Angel Wall Plaque by Catherine Reason Macauley








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